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News for Competitors

2019 News for Competitors

Competitors are requested to check this page regularly for information relating to the competitions.


Transcriptions may be chosen as free-choice works;  a score must be provided to the Competitions Secretary at Registration, or in advance by email as a pdf.

Corrections to Score of “Triptych”:

i) Fuga, bar 75, RH, final semiquaver should be G natural (and not sharp, as printed)

ii) Also, for the avoidance of any doubt, bar 16 of the Fuga, RH final semiquaver (lower) is also a G natural

iii) Bar 23/24 of the fugue - the line between staves shouldn’t be there

iv) Fanfare with dances (1st movt), bar 84: the last 2 chords in this bar should be omitted (LH D major semi-quaver and RH B major quaver) and rests put in their place (semiquaver then quaver).

Thierry Escaich - Tanz-Fantasie for trumpet & organ

There will be a Trumpet player and time allocated for rehearsal together.

Handel – Concerto

The recommended edition is Breitkoph, ed. Ton Koopman


You will note from the full scores that there are several sections marked ad libitum which are intended to be improvised by the soloist.  The editor has supplied suggestions (which appear in small print only in the organ solo part) as a guide to the player.  Various other editions also contain editorial suggestions for these passages.  You are welcome to consult any of these as you wish in order to prepare your own performance version, but please note that they are intended (in Ton Koopman’s words) to ‘stimulate the player’s own creative abilities’ and not to supress a feeling of spontaneity or an improvisational spirit. In the case of both concertos, one complete movement (the third of Op 7 no 4 (‘Adagio’) and the fourth of Op 7 no 5) is for organ solo ad libitum.

There will be orchestral continuo with direction from harpsichord.

Improvisation Semi-Final at St Saviour’s Church

For the following requirement:

Use an excerpt(s) from Thomas Weelkes’s madrigal ‘As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending’ to improvise an Intabulation in a contemporary idiom. You may transpose the music, change the tempo, omit one or two voices and add diminutions.


“Contemporary” means in the modern style (20/21st century).

Competition Organs – Disposition of Manuals (Top to Bottom)

Cathedral : Solo, Swell, Great, Choir.

St Peter’s Church : Swell, Great, Choir

St Saviour’s Church : Grand Orgue, Positif

Christ Church : Swell (short compass), Great, Choir


There is a Sequencer at the Cathedral

There are General Pistons (No Sequencer) at St Peters