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How to Apply

How to Apply

All information concerning the competitions, including repertoire, prizes, and the organs will be found by clicking the tabs on the right of this page.

Click here to view Timetable and please note that all parts of your application must be submitted by 24th March 2017.

Please ensure you read the Conditions of Entry, and note that you must have been born after 22nd July 1984.  

Click here to go to the Application Form.  There are two parts to the application process; please read all the notes below before starting to complete the form.

If for any reason you cannot make your application on-line please contact the Competitions Secretary at

Part 1 : Make your payment, complete the on-line form (including supporting documents) and submit

The on-line form directs you to a payment gateway for credit/debit card payment.  This is the simplest and preferred method.  If you need to pay by Bank Transfer or Cheque or Money Order, please see clause 4 of the Conditions of Entry.

Complete all details about yourself.

Attach supporting documents (doc, docx, pdf, jpg); these should be stored on your computer before you start the application process, and the on-line form allows you to select them for upload.

If you do not have all supporting documents available at the time of your application, you may send them later (but no later than 24th March 2017) using the File Upload Service described below.    

The statement signed by a professional musician must state that he/she has witnessed your recorded performances for the Pre-Selection Round.

If you are successful in the pre-selection round and selected to come to St Albans your 150 word biography and photograph which you supply will be published in the Festival Brochure.  The photograph should be ‘head and shoulders’, colour and high resolution.

Once you have completed the form, click the ‘Submit’ button.

You will receive an automatic acknowledgement that the form has been submitted.  If you do not receive a personal acknowledgement from the Competitions Secretary within three days, you should contact

Part 2 : Submit your recordings, and any outstanding documents

Your recordings should preferably be encoded using FLAC or Apple Lossless.  If using WAV files please ensure that they do not exceed 80Mbyte or they may be blocked by the server.  If MP3 is used please utilise a high bit-rate for high quality. They should be uploaded using the File Upload Service detailed below. Each piece should be a separate file. Ensure that each file is named including the piece or document and your own name:

e.g. Bach_YourName.FLAC

If applying for both competitions, recordings must include all works for the Pre-Selection Rounds of both competitions.

All parts of your application will be acknowledged by email; if you do not receive an acknowledgement within three days, please contact the Competitions Secretary at or telephone +44 7860 362173.

File Upload Service

Click on the button below; you will be directed to a dropittome webpage.  Enter the password StAlbans2017 (case sensitive).  Then browse and select files to be uploaded from the file system in your PC.  Each one you select will be listed at the bottom of the webpage, and when successfully uploaded will be marked with a ‘tick’.  

Make a note of the password above, before clicking here:

Important Information on Uploading Recordings