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News for Competitors

News for Competitors


The date by when you will be advised if you have been selected to proceed to the Quarter-Final rounds in St Albans has been changed to 13th April 2017.

The latest date for making your complete application has NOT been changed, and is

24th March 2017.

Interpretation Quarter-Final Round 1

The commissioned work by Philip Moore has a timing of 8’;  please take this into consideration when selecting your free choice work(s) for this round.

Interpretation Semi-Final Round 1

The recommended edition of the Nares - "Introduction and Fugue in A"  is:

'Six Fugues with Introductory Voluntaries for the Organ or Harpsichord'  - Facsimile edition with an introduction by Robin Langley  - published by OUP, ISBN 0 19 375611 0.

Uploading Recordings

Your file for your recording of the Widor (Interpretation Competition) may exceed the 75Mbyte limit of our File Upload Service.

Please use one of the following alternatives:

i)    Upload to your Dropbox and send me a Share link

ii)   Upload to your OneDrive and send me a Share link

iii)  Upload to and send me the link

For all the above the link should be sent to

iv)  Or convert to MP3 to reduce the file size

If you have any problems please contact the Competitions Secretary at

I will acknowledge receipt of your application and recordings.

Colin Hamling

Competitions Secretary