Please help to ensure the future of the International Organ Festival by making a bequest in your Will.


How you can help

Leaving a legacy to the St Albans International Organ Festival Society, however small, is a fantastic way to continue your support for an organisation you have supported during your lifetime.

By remembering the International Organ Festival Society in your Will you can help to ensure that future generations will also benefit from the enjoyment the Festival and Competitions have given over 60 years.

A gift in your Will costs you nothing during your lifetime. It won’t affect you now, but one day it will make a significant difference.

If your estate is liable to attract Inheritance Tax, leaving a gift to charity can reduce the overall tax burden on family and friends.


Types of Legacy

A residuary legacy is when a person leaves a percentage of their estate after all the other legacies have been made and debts cleared. One of the advantages of a residuary legacy is that it has the benefit of being inflation-proof and means you’re less likely to need to update your will in the future.

A penuniary legacy is a gift of a specified sum of money.

A specific legacy is a gift of a particular item such as books, paintings, antiques, or jewellery.

If you have already made a Will, you can simply add a codicil making the change.


Why leave a legacy?

The International Organ Festival Society needs to raise some £350,000 in each two-year cycle to continue to mount its full range of events and fund its core costs.

Financial support comes from a number of sources including our generous individual Supporters, trusts, membership fees, individual donations and fundraising activities, alongside ticket sales of course.

Please help to ensure that the vision set out by Peter Hurford six decades ago in 1963 is maintained into the future, by leaving a legacy in your Will to the International Organ Festival Society.

If you would like your gift to be used for a specific purpose, we will make every effort to see that this happens.

We are always extremely grateful to receive legacy gifts and to acknowledge them in our Annual Report and Accounts. However, if you make a request for anonymity that will be respected.


Help us to secure the future

If you are considering leaving a legacy and would like to ask us anything, or to discuss any details, please telephone 01727 844765 or email us:

Our registered charity number is: 1006151

Our address is: The International Organ Festival Society Ltd, PO Box 80, St Albans AL3 4HR