Competitors are requested to check this page regularly for information relating to the competitions.


Transcriptions may be chosen as free-choice works; a score must be provided to the Competitions Secretary at Registration, or in advance by email as a pdf.

Pre-Selection: Recorded Round

You are unknown to the Jury for this round. Therefore we confirm that we only require audio recordings, as outlined in How to Apply.

31st Organ Competition will take place online with pre-recorded videos

Due to the likelihood of ongoing restrictions on international travel, we have made the regrettable decision that the Organ Competitions will not now take place in St Albans this July.

However we now invite applications for a special online-only Interpretation Competition, which everyone around the world will be able to view on the internet.

The application deadline is extended to Thursday 1 April 2021.

Eligibility for the 32nd Competition in 2023

The Gold Medal will not be awarded in 2021. All competitors in this year’s competition, including winners of the top awards, will be eligible to compete in future years (providing, of course, that they are not older than the age limit at that time).

Video-recordings for the 40-minute recital

Details of your programme for the 40-minute Recital are not required until after pre-selection. Each piece may be submitted as a separate video-recording and performed on different instruments. Full details together with technical and artistic requirements for the video-recording will be sent to the selected Competitors in April.

Notification of Pre-Selection decisions

On account of the large number of applications received, we are delaying the notification of the results of the Preliminary Recorded Round until no later than Friday 16th April.

Selection of Competitors

The twelve successful candidates were announced on 16 April 2021.
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