Competitors are requested to check this page regularly for information relating to the competitions.


Transcriptions may be chosen as free-choice works; a score must be provided to the Competitions Secretary at Registration, or in advance by email as a pdf.

Pre-Selection: Recorded Round

You are unknown to the Jury for this round. Therefore we confirm that we only require audio recordings, as outlined in How to Apply.

Eligibility for 2021 competitors

The Gold Medal was not awarded in 2021, when the competition took place virtually with pre-recorded videos. All competitors in the 2021 competition, including winners of the top awards, are eligible to compete in 2023 (providing, of course, that they are not older than the age limit, i.e. they must have been born after 15 July 1990).

Relevant information from the archives

Improvisation and Interpretation Prize Winners
From 1963 to the 30th Competition in 2019

From 1963 to the 30th Competition in 2019